195 Top Rated Thigh Tattoos For Female

Tattoos are part of many cultures. The word tattoo came from a Tahitian term known as tatu. This term literally means, “to mark something”. True enough, ancient people used tattoos to mark members of a particular organization. Tattooing started for several purposes.

One purpose of tattoos was to identify members of a certain organization. Since various organizations and tribes already existed even during the ancient times, it’s only fitting for them to have their own symbols marked on the members. This will differentiate members of one group from the other.

Another purpose of tattoos, during the ancient times, is to ensure loyalty. This is still applicable even up to this present moment. Tattoos are permanent body markings that you will be wearing for the rest of your life. Loyalty is one of the pillars of many groups, especially fraternities and sororities. Before you become a member of the fraternity or sorority, you need to undergo initiation, which usually includes marking you with tattoos. The tattoo will be there to remind you to stay loyal to the brotherhood and sisterhood.

Usually, conservative organizations encourage the members to get thigh tattoos. This placement is ideal for people who don’t want to flaunt their tattoos all the time. Tattoo located on thighs, can be conveniently covered by pants or even shorts.


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Types of Thigh Tattoos

Thigh tattoos are extremely popular to both men and women. It is perfect for people who have moods when it comes to showing off their tattoos. You can use any design of tattoo on your thigh and it will still look good. You just have to make sure not to put childish tattoo designs there because you might regret it later. Remember, there’s no easy way to erase tattoos. You are only limited to using TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid), salabrasion (the process of removing tattoo by rubbing salt to the skin), or Laser.

Here are some classic and timeless thigh tattoos that you may find inspiration from;

  1. Compass Rose Thigh Tattoos

This is one of the most popular tattoos for women. A compass tattoo could mean many things. Basically, a compass tattoo tells something about voyages, journeys and exploration. This kind of thigh tattoo implies that you are someone who loves to travel, or are related to sailors and voyagers. Getting this tattoo could also be one way of expressing your love for adventures and new places. This is why compass rose tattoo symbolizes something personal. Therefore, it’s just fitting to put it in a spot where only a few people get to see – your thigh!

  1. Lion Head Thigh Tattoos

This is another great design for thigh tattoos. The Lion head is a symbol of power, strength, authority and fearlessness. It doesn’t matter which Lion Head variation you have chosen because it will most likely convey the same message. When people see this kind of tattoo, the first thing that would come to their mind is that you are fierce and fearless.

  1. Rose Thigh Tattoos

Although at first this design seems feminine, both men and women are actually using it today. Rose tattoos are timeless designs that can fit any person. The rose flower itself is already beautiful and adding more designs to it makes the flower more appealing. A rose tattoo symbolizes love. This is because the rose is the most common flower given to someone dear to you. When you have rose-designed thigh tattoos, people will see as someone who is romantic and sweet.

  1. Statement Tattoos

Statement tattoos are also quite a fad today. It may be cool to hide your true message behind symbols and signs, but not everyone gets the meaning of these things with one glance. For this reason, many people are starting to love statement tattoos. Written or plain text tattoos convey the message of the bearer better. You don’t have to explain to every single person what the meaning behind your tattoo is, because they can simply read it. Most of the statements used for this kind of tattoo design are life mottos and names of loved ones.

  1. Owl Thigh Tattoos

Owl tattoos have always been popular. It can be placed anywhere on the body. It’s also a unisex design, so it’s cool for both men and women. Owls symbolize wisdom and knowledge. Many people believe that owls are capable of seeing everything. The eyes of an owl have limited field of vision. As a result, owls need to turn their entire head in order to see things at the side or behind them, thus leading people to believe that owls can see everything. This is one of the major reasons why people see owls as symbol of wisdom.

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Meaning of Thigh Tattoos

The meaning of thigh tattoos varies from design to design. Each thigh tattoo design holds its own meaning that usually depends on the wearer or the artist who designed the tattoo. When you get tattoos, you choose designs based on your personality and not just based on impulse. This is one of the many reasons why tattoos reflect something personal.

A doe head tattoo placed on the thigh signifies motherly love, kindness, and gentleness. These are the doe’s natural attributes – innocent and peaceful. Every time you see a doe, you just can’t resist their charms. They have this certain aura that makes human do a double take whenever they are around. Having a doe head tattoo on the thigh could mean that your personality resembles that of the doe’s. People who will see your tattoo will almost always automatically think that you are a kind-hearted person and that you have a sweet nature.

People with thigh tattoos inspired by peacocks are classified bearers of beauty. The peacock is one of the most colorful and attractive creature in the animal world. Its multi-colored feathers give off a naturally fun and vibrant feel. In addition, peacocks symbolize happiness, or an outburst of joy. When you look at a peacock, there’s no way you’d feel sad. All you will ever think about are happy times and good days.

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Ideal Placement for Thigh Tattoos

Choosing between your left or right thigh, or placing your tattoo on both thighs depend on the size, design and concept of the tattoo that you want. The best way to go is to pick the most comfortable side of your thigh where you can easily access and admire your tattoo.

For tattoos that are too personal, or have very significant meaning, you can opt to put it on your upper thigh. The best placement for tattoos with personal meaning is on hidden areas of your body. People who are close to you are the only ones allowed to see this type of tattoo. Placing the tattoo on your upper thigh will make it barely noticeable even when wearing shorts and skirts. In short, you can easily conceal your tattoo without any problems at all.

Thigh Tattoos Preparation Tips

First, you should choose a specific design for your thigh tattoos. If you have great drawing skills, then you can choose to draw your design personally. On the other hand, if you are not that talented when it comes to designing your own tattoo, you can choose among many tattoo designs available online or you can ask a tattoo artist to design a tattoo based on your preferences.

The next thing you need to do is to ensure that you can finish the whole procedure. We all have a ticklish spot somewhere in our body. If you happen to be ticklish around the thigh part, then you’d probably struggle during the entire tattoo procedure. Make sure that you can complete the tattoo session or you won’t see your design completed.


Average Service Cost and Standard Prices for Thigh Tattoos

Since thigh tattoos can be any design, the cost of service varies. There are numerous factors that can affect the cost of thigh tattoo procedure. The first factor is the size of your design. Another factor that contributes to the cost of service for tattoo procedures is the complexity of the design. Lastly, the number of hours required to finish the tattoo also affects its price. Usually, normal sized tattoos placed on the thigh cost around $100 – $200 dollars.

There are also tattoo artists who charge consultation fees for their services before the actual procedure. Usually, the consultation fee ranges from $50 – $100 and that’s on top of the basic cost of service during the actual tattoo procedure. You will need consultation services from the artist if you don’t have a design for the tattoo yet.

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Maintenance Tips after Getting Thigh Tattoos

One of the best things you can do after getting thigh tattoos is to let your skin have a break. You should let it rest for a few hours after the procedure. You will notice swelling and redness on the area where your tattoo is, but just leave it as is.

After 3-4 hours, you can remove the bandage from your tattoo slowly and wash the tattoo gently. Use unscented and mild soap for this. You should just lightly rub the area with your clean hands.

Remember to moisturize your tattoo on a regular basis. This will help in the healing process and it will also prevent the tattoo color from fading quickly.

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