150 Coolest Stomach Tattoos For Men & Women

Tattoos are common aesthetic enhancements today. They are to accentuate the body parts of both men and women.  Also, tattoos help express feelings that are beyond words and actions.

In the past, only gangsters and thugs are the ones with tattoos, which created the stigma that tattooed people are usually criminals. This unfair treatment existed until the early 1990s. During those times, the society wasn’t ready to accept people who showed their love for body art. However, that’s not the case anymore. Today, the society has finally opened its arms and openly accepting people with tattoos. Instead of being judging, tattooed people are now warmly welcomed. But despite all that, there are still cultures that remain conservative.

People belonging to conservative cultures often get tattoos that are not too noticeable. Stomach tattoos and back tattoos are some examples of these kinds of tattoos. These body parts will only show if you intentionally show it to other people. This is a perfect spot for those people who are not bold enough to flaunt their tattoos to other people.


Types of Stomach Tattoos

Stomach tattoos are often used by women to give off a sexy vibe. Women can readily expose their stomach without being topless, unlike men. Today’s fashion trend is permitting that to happen. Crop tops are very common for young women. This kind of fashion allows the wearer to effortlessly flash her tattoo to the whole world. However, it doesn’t mean that only women can get this kind of tattoo. Men are getting these tattoos as well, but you really wouldn’t know they have it unless they go topless.

There are many reasons why men and women are getting stomach tattoos. One of the most obvious reasons is that it adds to your beauty. Another reason for getting this kind of tattoo is to cover stretch marks, which is commonly present in women. Although it’s totally normal to have stretch marks on the stomach area, especially those who have tried being pregnant, but these marks sometimes ruin the whole picture. That’s the reason why many women are getting this kind of tattoo today.

Below are some of the most outstanding stomach tattoos you can take inspiration from:


  1. Butterfly stomach tattoos
  • Women love butterfly designs. They are a symbol of femininity and grace. Butterflies swiftly fly through the air and go anywhere they want to go, which make them an ideal symbol for freedom. As human, you surely want to have all the freedom you can get. Just like the butterflies, many people are dreaming of breaking free from the chains that are binding them to wherever place they are stuck in.
  1. Tribal Stomach Tattoos
  • This is another great design for stomach tattoos. Tribal designs are characterized by bold lines and strokes. Tribal designs are usually in pure black ink. This kind of tattoo design also involves swirls and curls to better emphasize on the eccentricity of the design. Having this kind of tattoo means you want to embrace your ethnic roots. It also means that you respect the tribes who created that particular artwork.
  1. Feather stomach tattoos
  • This tattoo design is perfect for both men and women. For some reasons, feathers look so calming and relaxing. It’s probably because of its lightweight nature or its ability to glide in the soft breeze. This tattoo design represents the carefree nature of the wearer. It means that the person wearing this kind of tattoo is naturally adventurous and spontaneous.


Meaning of Stomach Tattoos

Stomach tattoos can have plenty of meanings. You can get almost any design for this particular tattoo. For instance, you can use a tree of life design to cover up the stretch marks on your stomach. You can make use of your stretch marks and make it look like it’s actually part of the entire design. When you get this kind of tattoo, it’s like indirectly celebrating the gift of life or the ability of women to give life to a new human being.

You can also get animal tattoos on the stomach. If you are a pet lover, then this could be a clear profession of your fondness and love for your pet. Pet lovers have a special connection and affection for their pets. Getting your pet’s face as a tattoo design will always remind you about that particular pet. As you all know, animals live shorter lives than human. So in case you lose your pet, you will have something to remind you about it.

Musical note tattoos will also look great on the stomach. When you get this kind of tattoo, people will automatically think that you have great love for music or that you are musically inclined. This tattoo could also mean that you look at life like it’s a music sheet, filling it with notes in order to complete a certain melody.


Ideal Placement of Stomach Tattoos

Of course, tattoo stomach goes on the stomach area. The only room for debate here is how you want to spread your design or the angle you want to integrate on your piece. However, there are some tattoo designs that are not big enough to cover the whole area. Now, the problem arises as to where, specifically, you want to put the tattoo on your stomach. Would it be in the middle? Alternatively, would it look great on one side? Alternatively, would it be awesome to have it on both sides? The answer to this question depends on the design you have chosen.

For instance, if you plan to get feather tattoos, then it would look great on either side of the stomach. Since feather tattoos are usually small in nature, it would not look great if you stretch it just to fill the entire stomach area. If you do that, then your tattoo will look less stunning.

For tree tattoos, you can have this in the middle. Tree tattoos are naturally big so you don’t have to worry about stretching it. You can ask your tattoo artist to put the trunk of the tree in the middle and expand the branches and leaves on both sides of the stomach. You can totally rock this kind of tattoo placement idea.


Stomach Tattoos Preparation Tips

Just like getting any other regular tattoos, there are things you need to remember before going to the tattoo shop. It’s true that stomach tattoos look stunning and amazing but you have to know that there’s a downside to it, especially for women. If you are someone who still hasn’t undergone pregnancy, then you should think twice about getting this kind of tattoo. Later on, when you get pregnant, you stomach will naturally expand. This expansion will stretch your skin and will leave stretch marks. Now, imagine if you had a tattoo there, would it look as good as you first saw it after giving birth? So, you need to really decide on this matter carefully.

Once you decide to get stomach tattoos, the next step will be to prepare yourself physically. You should avoid drinking alcohol 24 hours from the scheduled tattoo procedure. Alcohol makes your blood thinner and that’s not good for tattoo procedures. When your blood is thin, you will be more prone to excessive bleeding. This is quite dangerous. You also need to get a good night’s sleep on the night before the procedure. This will help you relax and it will give you the strength that you will need during the session.

Average Service Cost and Standard Prices of Stomach Tattoos

The price of your stomach tattoos will depend on how big or small you want it to be. If it’s your first time getting a tattoo, then it’s highly advisable to get a small one first. It’s not easy to erase tattoos so it will be helpful to get smaller ones, in case you regret it later. Usually, regular sized black ink tattoos costs around $50 – $200. For bigger tattoos, you might have to spend around $200 – $400.

Maintenance Tips after Getting Stomach Tattoos

It’s important to know the immediate and long-term aftercare tips for your tattoos. Keeping your tattoos as vivid and as vibrant as you first saw it outside the tattoo shop should be your priority. In order to do this, you must never scratch your tattoo while it’s still undergoing a healing process. It’s only natural for the tattoo area to be itchy because your skin is in the process of recovering. If you don’t want to turn your tattoo into a scar, then you should wait for your skin to peel off naturally.

It’s also important for you to never overexpose your fresh tattoos to the sun. The heat of the sun will encourage quick color fading and can potentially damage your skin. If you really need to stay under the heat of the sun, then you must never forget to apply sunscreen to minimize the damage.

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