155 Cool Star Tattoos for Men & Women

Star tattoos are always lovely, not to mention, unique. It shows off who you really are, not to mention what your convictions might be. It looks cool on every part of the body. In fact, getting a star tattoo is recommended for those who want to get a tattoo for the first time, since stars are small and don’t have to look too intricate. Plenty of star designs also carry an attractive look, and could carry a deeper meaning in a person’s life. A star tattoo design can be both intricate and simple, depending on the person.

The star is a classic cryptogram – Dating back to ancient times. It has played many key roles in plenty of religions and cultures. Even before the ancient astronomers knew what a star was and what it consisted of, they were still loved by all. Humans have always looked up in the heavens, in order to attempt to explain what stars are to their peers, by creating mythical stories about their origins.

Stars can be used for anything – It is not limited to a specific culture or religion, and signifies many things to plenty of people. Women and men alike could get couple star tattoos. When it comes to a star tattoo design, females prefer shooting stars, since they convey a feminine touch to them. Meanwhile, guys enjoy getting nautical stars because of its association with sea travel. The star tattoo could either be drawn as a single star, a group of stars, or even with a moon accompanying it.

A star tattoo can be highly flexible. Tattoo artists can combine it together with either the moon, the sun, a planet, fairies, skulls, wings, or butterflies. Any picture or symbol works well together with a star, so people tend to choose star designs for the purpose of giving their new ink a personal touch.


Types of Star Tattoo Designs

  1. Nautical Star Tattoo

The nautical five-pointed star tattoo carries a certain look of switching both dark and light hues. This type of tattoo is highly common in the US. Despite its simplicity, the nautical star tattoo always draws plenty of attention from fascinated and curious onlookers. But nobody really knows its meaning. The nautical star tattoo actually does have a significance – People who have had this tattoo inked on their bodies means that they are a member, or at least they support, the Marine Corps of the US Navy. The star’s five points signify the number of stars found on the American flag.

  1. Shooting Star Tattoo

If both stars and music are your thing, then you can place them together in one tattoo. You could go for a beautiful pattern of shooting stars with several musical notes located right in the middle. A shooting star tattoo with flames shooting from its tail is the best kind of tattoo for those who love the concept of shooting stars, and won’t hesitate to make a wish whenever they see one. Shooting star tattoos also give off a nice heavenly look, which is sure to gain you plenty of admirers.star tattoo designs

  1. Star Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve tattoos have grown in popularity in recent years, acquired by both men and women. Plenty of sleeve tattoos cover the person’s entire arm, while others prefer either the lower or upper arm, or the smaller quarter sleeve tattoo. A sleeve tattoo can incorporate plenty of designs, but star sleeve tattoos are always a good choice. Star tattoos are well-liked by novices, or those who have lots of tattoos in their body. You can pick just one star, a group of nautical stars, a rainbow of stars, and lots of other designs. All designs look excellent on a person’s sleeve.

  1. Pentagram

Yet another five-pointed star, the Pentagram has always been considered as one of history’s most powerful symbols. Pentagrams have played significant roles in pretty much every culture available, starting from India, to Egypt, to the ancient Aztecs, Incans and Mayans of Mexico, and even China. Pentagrams have previously been used to mark a certain direction in plenty of astronomical texts, signifying the first five planets of the solar system. It has also been associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. Philosophers have also said that a pentagram’s five points represent the different elements: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Psyche.

  1. 3D Star Tattoo

Tattoos have always been considered as a fashion trend, especially among the youth. Perhaps the newest craze among tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts are 3D tattoos. A 3D tattoo is unique, since they provide a strongly realistic feel and look as compared to other tattoos. It requires tons of practice to perfect even just a tiny 3D tattoo, so if you want to get a 3D tattoo, it’s always best to look for an expert. There are plenty of ideas you can come up with for a 3D tattoo, and a star tattoo design is always one of them.

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Meaning of a Star Tattoo

A star tattoo can carry plenty of meanings, and people always choose them for personal reasons. They could be a beacon of hope for the person to reach their goals in life, and to do the best that they can in whatever obstacle they may encounter. The meaning of the star tattoo also depends on the type of star used: Perhaps the person is simply interested in space or astronomy, or it could signify a marriage or the birth of their first child. Stars are also bright, so they might represent a shining point in their own lives.

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Ideal Placement of a Star Tattoo

Since they’re a highly general design, you can place star tattoos almost anywhere you want – Including your neck, or even the face. One of the great advantages of a star tattoo is that they’re so versatile, and can look good no matter what size or look they may be. A small star tattoo can be placed anywhere on your body.

The most common parts of the body where people place a star tattoo design include: Ankles, the wrist, shoulders, clavicles (that long collarbone on your neck), lower back, and hips. Although men also like putting star tattoos on their back shoulders, sides, and both their upper and lower arms. The size of your star tattoo is the ultimate deciding factor on where you want to put it. Bigger ones can be placed on the chest, arms, and back. While a tinier star tattoo looks excellent on the back of a person’s ear, or their wrists and fingers. You can pair up your star tattoo with other designs or icons, like angel wings, a dreamcatcher, a planet, the moon or sun, an anchor, or feathers.


Preparation Tips for Getting a Star Tattoo

  • Before getting a star tattoo, or any type of tattoo for that matter, always do some research. Look for a tattoo artist that you have a professional affiliation with. It’s also a good idea to come to a tattoo parlor after you’ve had your breakfast or lunch, since a complete tattoo session could take hours.
  • Always observe cleanliness and good hygiene. This applies to both the tattoo artist and the client.
  • If you have body hair in the area where you want to place your tattoo in, remove it, or have the tattoo artist remove it for you.
  • Bring a book to read, your iPad, or your MP3 player in case the tattoo session gets pretty long.
  • Do not take drugs, medicine, painkillers, or drink liquor before coming into the tattoo shop. If you’re required to take any form of prescription medication, make sure you tell the artist first before you begin the session. Bring an ID with you, as most states will require the tattooist to ask you for proof of your age.
  • And finally, the most important advice is to relax and let the tattoo artist work their magic.

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Average Service Cost & Standard Prices for Getting a Star Tattoo

The price of a person’s tattoo always varies – It could depend on the tattoo’s size, and the parlor itself. Before starting the session, remember to ask the tattooist regarding how much their work costs. But there are also plenty of factors that are sure to play an important role in a tattoo’s final price. This includes the color, the design, where you want to place the tattoo, and the size. Originality also counts: If you want to copy a tattoo from the artist’s portfolio, you could pay less as compared to your original design.star-tattoos-for-women

Maintenance Tips After Getting a Star Tattoo

After you’re done with your tattoo session, the artist will give you advice on how to take care of it – So make sure you pay attention. Each artist can have their own set of tattoo aftercare tips.

1.Be sure to leave the bandage or covering on your fresh tattoo for at least three hours after the session is over. The bandage is responsible for collecting all of the blood, ink, and goop from your new ink.

2.Using a good antibacterial soap, wash and scrub your new tattoo three to five times a day. Clean it regularly to avoid getting a possible bacterial infection.

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