125 Octopus Tattoos for 2019

Octopus tattoo is a popular marine life tattoo design for both men and women. People who use this design are often attracted to its symbolic and mighty image. The flexibility of this creature gives artists wider allowance for creativity. Aside from this, the octopus is also often used as a character in movies, cartoons and stories, allowing more people to humanize and relate to this creature. These are the primary reasons why the octopus is a great tattoo design. Through time better understanding about the symbolic meaning of this creature began to surface along with wider and better octopus design choices, inspiring bigger audience to choose octopus as their first tattoo.


Types of Octopus Tattoo

Different types of octopus tattoo design began to surface as more media began to use this marine life in their stories. The most useful and influential tool that you can utilize to learn about the different types of octopus tattoo is to browse through the Internet. To give you some idea, here are the most utilized types of octopus design tattoos for the year;

  • Realistic Octopus

A realistic octopus design often resembles the actual form and appearance of an octopus. This type is often preferred by marine life advocates, nature lover or people who like octopus in general. Attention to detail and proper placement is crucial when using this type of design, especially since one of the highlights of an octopus is its tentacles which require ample amounts of space for proper detailing and execution. Realistic octopus is commonly used as a stand alone design, however a good tattoo artist may also help you come up with additional details or background that can help enhance the realistic finish of your tattoo.

  • Japanese Octopus

Japanese octopus tattoo design is a combination of realistic octopus tattoo filled with vibrant colors. Being a part of the Japanese mythology, Japanese octopus design is often presented as a mystified concept where reality and mysticism meets. This design is known to give artists more freedom in terms of creativity, allowing them to integrate additional elements from the rich Japanese culture. Purple and blue are the most commonly utilized colors for Japanese octopus. However, through time this practice became less and less popular as more tattoo artists began exploring modern Japanese octopus concepts that can give them more shading options that will enhance the overall outcome of the design.

  • Cartoon Octopus

Cartoon octopus tattoo design is often preferred by people who want to personify this powerful creature. A cartoon octopus design opens up a wider range of integrateable emotions and characters on your tattoo. In fact, some of the popular inspiration for these designs are books or stories where octopus are actually utilized as a character with human-like traits, allowing you to relate better with your preferred octopus design. Clearly this type of octopus design is the most flexible and customizable type. Tattoo artists often enjoy conceptualizing this type of design, because it gives them the freedom to recreate the facial expression and accessorize the character of an octopus, far from its usual stoic image.

  • Blue Ringed Octopus

Blue ringed octopus tattoo design is often associated with people who have an aggressive personality. Despite its limited size, blue ringed octopus is considered one of the fearsome sea creatures due to its poisonous sting. In fact, a single bite from this creature can prove to be fatal even for a human adult. This is probably the reason why the bearers of this tattoo design are classified as people who you don’t want to mess with. Tattoo designs inspired by the blue ringed octopus are naturally colorful, regardless of your preferred size and background concept this tattoo will surely make an attractive and symbolic masterpiece.

  • Tribal Octopus

Tribal octopus tattoo is often associated with the rich tradition and culture of the Polynesians. Unlike most of the octopus designs, tribal octopus tattoo isn’t as colorful nor is it filled with flashy background and accessories. Like most tribal tattoos, this too uses only one color which is black. The unique aspect of this tattoo lies in the carefully laid out patterns used to shape the octopus or utilized to fill the entire body of the octopus, giving the entire design texture and beautiful black-on-skin finish.


Meaning of Octopus Tattoo

Octopus tattoo design can mean and symbolize various things. The meaning of your octopus tattoo depends on where you got your inspiration. To give you some idea about the different meanings of octopus tattoo, check out the details below;

  • General Meaning of Octopus Tattoo

Octopuses or octopi are known for their intelligence, adaptability, and brute strength. These primary characteristics are also represented in an octopus tattoo. Octopus are known as the smartest invertebrate, making them an ideal representation of knowledge. Their regenerating ability coupled with their ability to camouflage themselves by mimicking the color of their surroundings, make them an ideal symbol for their disguise and resilience. The tentacles of the octopus do not only mirror its agility underwater, but is also a depiction of this creature’s multifaceted strength. These combinations of symbols and meanings are all rolled into one octopus tattoo design.

  • Spiritual Meaning of Octopus Tattoo

The spiritual meaning of this tattoo is focused on the strength and ability of the octopus to surpass change. It is the totem animal that embodies creativity and psychic power drawn from pure and strong emotions. Anything that is spiritually touched by this creature is known to display an enhanced psychic ability and effective communication prowess. The unique flexibility and regenerative skill of an octopus also provide spiritual guidance to the tattoo bearer to easily adapt to changes. Whether it’s travelling, healing or emotional change the octopus spirit shall allow you to breeze through the challenge and recover from any losses or damage.

  • Biblical Meaning of Octopus

In a biblical sense, octopus spirit is a symbol of water demon. This water demon has the ability to wrap around itself into your mind and soul, clouding your judgement and preventing you from seeing the light of enlightenment. It latches its suckers so deep that you can no longer see the evil path that you have chosen. Some people who know about this biblical meaning choose to have an octopus tattooed on their arm to serve as a reminder about the scars of their dark past. On the other hand, there are also some people who choose octopus design as a reminder of the human’s susceptibility to sinful ways.

  • Tribal Meaning of Octopus

There are different tribal meanings to octopus, one of the most popular is the Polynesian version. Polynesian version is based on the story of the magical creature Kanaloa, ruler of the underworld who is represented by the octopus symbol. Kanaloa’s primary role is to lead the sea during its uproar and tranquil moments. Bearers of the Polynesian octopus tattoo choose this design to convey their respect and admiration for the enchanting and challenging spirit of the sea.

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Ideal Placement for Octopus Tattoo

The flexibility of the octopus tattoo allows you to place this design almost anywhere on your body. Depending on your preferred size and the level of detail you wish to include with your octopus tattoo you can easily determine which part of your body will work best as your canvass.

Back, arms and legs are some of the ideal placement of an octopus tattoo. These areas allow the tattoo artists to place emphasis on one of the best features of an octopus, the tentacles. For wide and elaborate octopus tattoo concept, a backpiece tattoo should be great. However, for those who wish to have a standalone octopus tattoo the arms and legs should suffice.

Proper placement of the tattoo has a huge effect on its overall impact or outcome, so make sure to choose wisely.


Preparation Tips for Octopus Tattoo

  • One of the primary things that you need to prepare before getting an octopus tattoo is the concept or design of the tattoo you wish to have. You have to determine why you want an octopus tattoo and what does it represent about you. This should help you determine what type of octopus design you wish to have.
  • Check out articles and reviews about local tattoo shops in your area specializing in the design that you want. Some tattoo designs take several sessions to complete so its best to find a shop that’s near you.
  • Refrain from using tanning or peeling solutions in the area of your skin where you plan to have your tattoo. Shaving excessive amounts of hair in the area where you want to get inked can also help improve the outcome of your tattoo design.
  • Come to the tattoo shop mentally and physically prepared. You must be well rested, properly hydrated and well nourished before you start your tattoo session. To get through until the end of the session, you must have a lot of energy, determination and endurance.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. During the tattoo session, you will be required to hold still for a long period of time, which can be quite a nuisance, especially if you’re wearing uncomfortable clothes.
  • Taking a pain reliever shortly before the tattoo session, can make sure that the pain is more manageable.


Average  Service Cost and Standard Prices for Getting Octopus Tattoo

The average service cost and standard price of your octopus tattoo will depend on various factors such as, the level of detail in your preferred design, the size of the tattoo, expertise level of the tattoo artist, and the location and reputation of your preferred tattoo shop. You have to understand that good tattoo can be fairly expensive.

Considering the factors described above, a tattoo artist or a tattoo shop may charge you in two ways – either you pay by the hour or based on the design of the tattoo you selected.

If charged based on the design, the average cost of non-complex tattoo, a standalone or minimal detail tattoo that is small to medium in size, may cost less than $100.  On the other hand, a full length sleeve colored tattoo design can cost hundreds of dollars.

Tattoo artist or tattoo studio who charges their clients by the hour may ask you to pay an average of $100 per hour. Additional hourly charges may also apply, if you request the tattoo artist to make you possible to conceptualize or draft your design. The standard hourly price for a full sleeve tattoo which typically takes 7 hours or less to complete starts at $80 to $120 per hour. An intermediate level solo tattoo artist may ask for $125 to $150 for the same work while a reputable professional tattoo artist may ask for $200 and above as their hourly fee.

This goes without saying, but it’s always better to spend money on a reputable tattoo artist to save yourself from a lifetime regret than save money and spend your lifetime regretting your choice.

Octopus Tattoo Maintenance Tips

Proper maintenance of your octopus tattoo helps you preserve the colors and details longer. Like just about anything, your tattoo is also subject to normal wear and tear and without proper maintenance your tattoo will likely begin to lose its vibrance faster and require retouching sooner than necessary. To give you some idea, here are some maintenance tips that you can use to take care of your tattoo;

  • Apply moisturizer. Regularly applying moisturizer in the area of your tattoo helps preserve the colors and details of your tattoo. Changing weather conditions can cause your skin to lose its natural moisture, which can lead to dry skin. Dry skin destroys the color of your tattoo and the contours of your skin, which can affect the outline and details of your tattoo design.
  • Use sunscreen. This practice is crucial, especially for those who have tattoos in the area of their skin constantly exposed to sunlight. Direct heat fades the color of your tattoo by destroying the layers of your skin. Use sunscreen that can provide SPF 45 and above sun protection.
  • Refrain from scratching or wounding the area where you have your tattoo. Scars are a sure way to destroy our tattoo investment. Make sure to use protective gear to shield your tattoo when working with sharp or heavy objects. Use insect repellent whenever applicable. This can keep insects and bugs away from you so you don’t get bitten in your tattoo area.

The details provided above can give you a general overview about octopus tattoo design.  This should be enough to help you come up with an informed decision whether the octopus tattoo is the right option for you.

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