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Name tattoos can be designed using letters alone, or in combination with images and decorations. The tattoo lettering mirrors the style, personality and attitude of the bearer. The tattoo genre also utilizes a myriad of different styles and families of fonts, opening up numerous design possibilities.

Nothing is more personal than a name marking because it could mean so much to the bearer, yet may be irrelevant to an onlooker. Name of loved ones including spouses, children, other family members or special friends are typical tattoo specimens. The problem with these tattoos is when a break-up or souring of relations occurs. The owner of the tattoo gets a bitter and unpleasant remembrance of the past. Unless the name represents an undying love, the bearer’s only option is modifying the tattoo or erasing them completely through a tattooist. The better option is to use the names of loved one who are permanently part of your life, like family members. Boyfriends and girlfriends have suspect permanency.

name tattoos  name tattoos

Types of Name Tattoos

Text-only name tattoos rely on stylish typography to give meaning and character to the body markings. The more ancient the lettering style, the more mystical and fascinating. Old English and Oriental typography styles are highly sought after. Modern typography templates are acceptable, especially if they represent the personality of the bearer. Elegant decorations sometimes add beauty or character. These added elements could be simple or elaborate as long as they represent the personality of the bearer.

Aside from using decorations, tattoo artists also combine letterings with objects that characterize personalities. Common objects include the heart, bird, butterfly, flower, dagger, skull and many more.

Writing trends also add to the relevance of name tattoos. A vogue tattoo font is more likely to draw attention. An excessively fancy font however, could not last the test of time and may be passé in just a few years. Avoid using overly decorative fonts, and just safely use classical ones if you have no particular modern font in mind.


Family Tree Name Tattoos

Family tree name tattoos are usually large, grand and impressive and is best located at a spacious area of the body, like the back. It allows for an epic and honorary acknowledgement of one’s family origin and background.

The trees in this tattoo design have so many meanings in different cultures. Some of them include:

  • Trees symbolize life and death to the Egyptians. Egyptian mythology mentions of the acacia, sycamore, and the tamarisk as symbolic trees.
  • To the Celts, trees are providers of food, shelter and warmth. The Celtic knot affirms this belief.
  • Chinese mythology speaks of a tree of life, where dragons and phoenixes reside. Dragons represent the soul, while phoenixes mean rebirth.
  • Buddhists prefer the Bodhi tree to represent their tree and name tattoos. It is beneath this tree that Buddha sought enlightenment.
  • A gigantic tree called Yggdrasil is in Norse mythology. The tree has spiritual meanings to the Norse culture.
  • Christians view trees as having symbolic meanings related to life and humanity.
  • Charles Darwin established the impression of modern society towards the tree symbol. His evolutionary tree of life illustrated the relationships of species and their origins.


Feather and Name Tattoos

The letters of names can spread elegantly in the feather area and gently follow the curvature. The bearer hopes to bring the person with the name closer to the Creator. In many cultures, the hollow shaft in the center of the feather serves as a pipeline to God. Blessings also flow back to the person to the same orifice. The omnipresent feather also represents new beginnings, rebirth, protection, love and truth. The tattoo rendition is distinctly effective in black or colored inks.

Rosary and Child Name Tattoos

Children’s names are more permanent in relation to the bearer and are excellent choice of tattoo. Parents show their love to their children more demonstratively using their names as tattoos, in combination with the rosary. When a sacred symbol like the rosary and a person’s name go together, it reflects how much the owner of the tattoo respect and regards that person.

Birthdate and Name Tattoos

Names, together with birthdates, are not a rarity to see. The tattoo owner usually includes his wife and children on the list. Birthdates are personally important to almost anyone and recalling it and giving it importance means you are important to someone. It has also a practical point of view, in never forgetting the birthday of a family member, who might be offended when you forget their birthday.

Butterfly and Name Tattoos

Butterflies are traditionally associated with females, comparing them to the softness and delicateness of butterfly wings. In combination with names, butterflies show the bearer’s extreme admiration and respect to the person with the name. The life cycle of a cocoon, transforming beautifully into a full butterfly, is symbolic to the transformation of a girl into a woman. Colorful butterfly wings add to the aesthetic usability of the symbol, although black-inked butterflies can also possess a certain allure.

Dove and Name Tattoos

Persons who are special to you, and who show love and care for you, calming under stress, always smiling and peaceful, deserve to be the subject name of a dove and name tattoo. Throughout history, the dove has been an accepted as a symbol of positive traits. Being immaculately white, the bird symbolizes purity and peace. The association to love and prosperity of doves are evident in wedding ceremonies, which are not complete without the presence of doves.

Rose and Name Tattoos

Name tattoos, which include roses, are obvious and open declarations of a person’s love to the person with the name. A single rose is very effective because of the focus and directness it projects. The inclusion of thorns adds deeper meanings to the markings. The thorns remind of the sacrifices and pain that lovers undergo before their love triumphs. The thorns could also represent ugliness. Accepting the beautiful rose with ugly thorns symbolizes the unconditional characteristic of true love.

Sailors have an interesting interpretation to rose and name tattoos, even if it still encompasses the love aspect. The tattoos serve as honorary emblem to femininity and love, and could pertain to mothers, wives, daughters, or girlfriends. Sailing is rough and dangerous for these men, and name tattoos with roses give them a sense of security and hope, that soon enough they will be together with their loved ones again.

Meaning of Name Tattoos

Name tattoos are gaining grounds in popularity nowadays because people are realizing that nothing can be more flattering than paying tribute to a person through tattoos honoring his or her name. Parents took time and effort before deciding on a most important task of naming their child. People have become open minded and aware of their own individuality and character. A name identifies the person, and that person is a proud owner of the name.

Ideal Placement of Name Tattoos

Name tattoos can be on any part of the body. The tattoo can also be oriented horizontally or vertical adding up for a more versatile and creative placement. Large and long elaborate designs make an ideal back or chest piece. The shoulders, biceps, sides of thighs and legs are ideal for medium sized tattoos. Wrists, fingers and necks are excellent areas for small tattoos.

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Preparation Tips for Name Tattoos

Undergoing a tattoo session may not be like having an operation, but preparation helps tremendously for a smooth tattoo appointment at the shop. Follow these simple steps:

  • Eat a generous meal before leaving the house and visiting the tattoo shop. Reserving energy with calorie intake would go a long way in neutralizing the strenuous effect of picking needles.
  • Wear appropriate and comfortable clothes. Avoid those that would restrict you and make you feel uneasy during the tattooing procedure.
  • In case of a perceived long tattoo session, bring books or gadgets to occupy you during the appointment.
  • Bring along aftercare products like ointments and gauze.

Average Service Cost & Standard Prices for Getting Name Tattoos

Name tattoos are subject to the same pricing scheme as most tattoo genres. The factors that will determine the final cost of the tattoo include artist fee, tattoo size, design complexity, tattoo color, and geographical location of tattoo shop.

A small, uncomplicated, 2-colored tattoo will cost around $50 and the cost gets higher as the complexity in design and color rendition increases, the reason being that artist charge by time rate when working on complicated and large tattoos. City tattoo artists charge from $200 to $300 per hour while tattooists from small towns charge around $150 per hour.

Maintenance Tips After Getting Name Tattoos

Newly tattooed skin contains fresh wounds from picking needles. The affected skin areas are usually sore and are susceptible to infection. Keeping the skin clean and free from irritation is a part of tattoo instant care and attention. Start by drinking a hefty amount of water right after the tattoo session. At home, wash the wounds at least two times a day and dry them immediately using a soft and dry towel. Avoid touching the affected areas, as well as scratching them with your clothes.

Continue caring for your name tattoos, even if the 2-week healing period has lapsed. Tattoos need protection against direct sunlight, which you can provide by staying in shaded areas as much as possible.  Use clothes that protect the tattoo area. If exposure is unavoidable, use sunscreen protection. Keep them handy at all times.

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