125 Popular Mother Daughter Tattoo Design Ideas

It’s not that surprising for women to get tattoos, nowadays. Both men and women are entitled to express themselves in a way they see fit. If getting tattoos mean expressing yourself, then you should definitely go for it. The society has become more welcoming to people with tattoos so you really don’t have to worry about stereotyping.

Most of the time, women get tattoos together with their squad. But today, mother-daughter tattoos have become extremely popular, not only in America, but also in other parts of the world. The trend of getting mother-daughter type of tattoos started in 2015 and there’s no sign that this trend’s going to fade out soon. If you still don’t have one, then you better tell your mom and get yours done, too. The reason remains unknown, but people who get this type of tattoo usually feel a stronger mother-daughter bond, than they ever did before. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something in common with your mom other than your genes?


Types of Mother Daughter Tattoos

Mother daughter tattoos vary depending on the tastes and preferences of each mother-daughter tandem. If you are one of those kids who have cool mothers, then you can probably get a tattoo design inspired by modern art. On the other hand, if your mother is a bit conservative but still wants to get a tattoo with you, then you can opt for simpler and conventional designs.

Here are some of the cutest and sweetest mother daughter tattoos you can get today:

  1. Statement Tattoos

  • These kinds of tattoos are custom made. You can choose what quote or set of words to use on your design. Since you will be deciding on what words you will be putting on your tattoo design, it will become more personal between you and your mother. This is a great move in order to get closer to each other without saying a lot of things, aloud. Some of the sweetest tattoo statements are as follows:
  • Her Mother (as Mom’s tattoo); Her Daughter (as daughter’s tattoo)
  • Like Mother, Like Daughter
  • You are my wings (as Mom’s tattoo); You are my anchor (as Daughter’s tattoo)
  • Where you lead (as Daughter’s tattoo); I will follow (as Mom’s tattoo)
  • I’ll love you forever; I’ll love you for always
  1. Dandelion Mother Daughter Tattoos

This is another popular tattoo for mothers and daughters. Dandelion is a beautiful flower which most women love. A fragile and sensitive flower disintegrates when blown by strong winds. Dandelions are a symbol of pride, intelligence, vibrancy, growth, wholesomeness, purity, new beginnings and healing. Because of these meanings, Dandelions have become a widely used design in tattoos of mothers and daughters. Usually, the whole dandelion flower (with stem and head) is placed on one arm (could be the mother’s arm or the daughter’s), and the other arm will only have a few dandelion seeds. When the arms are side by side, it looks like a picture of a dandelion swaying with the slight breeze.

  1. Mother and Child Tattoo

The Mother and Child has always been a subject for most artists, especially painters. It’s a touching design where a mother cradles her child. It shows the mother’s affection towards her little angel. There’s no better tattoo design for mothers and daughters than this. To your mom, you will always be a sweet little angle, no matter how old you become. As a tribute to your mom’s undying love, you can both get this tattoo design today.

mother daughter tattoo

  1. Infinity Love Tattoo

A mother’s love to her daughter is always unfathomable. Usually, mothers’ are willing to lose everything if it means making their daughter feel like a princess. This Infinity Love Tattoo will truly represent a mother’s eternal love for her daughter. It may look simple on the outside, but the hidden meaning behind this tattoo design says everything about you and your mom’s unbreakable bond.

  1. Matching Clover Tattoos

A clover, particularly a four-leaf clover symbolizes good luck. Getting this tattoo with your mom means you want her to have the best luck. There’s nothing sweeter than a child wishing her mother to be lucky during her entire lifetime. After all the sacrifices done by your mom, it’s time for her to have the best moments of her life, with you. Make more memories with your mom and get this lucky tattoo as a remembrance.

Mother Daughter Tattoo Ideas

Meaning of Mother Daughter Tattoos

Unlike any other tattoos, Mother Daughter Tattoos have deeper meanings, something that a mother and her child can intimately share. It represents the invisible connection between a mother and a child. No matter what the design of the tattoo is, it will surely convey a message of love from both mothers and daughters.

Growing up, your mother has done a lot of things for you, and that sometimes includes compromising her own happiness. A mother is the only person in the world who will be your first best friend and supporter. There are a lot of ways on how you can express your gratitude for everything she has done for you. One way of returning the favor is by doing extra efforts to get really closer to your mom. You can start by getting matching tattoos that will remind you both about each other, even if you part ways.

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Ideal Placement for Mother Daughter Tattoos

You can literally place a mother daughter tattoo anywhere you want. Although, most people who have this tattoo prefer to place it where they can show it off. You should be proud about your matching tattoos by putting it in a spot where everyone can see it. However, there are also mothers and daughters who want to have their tattoos as private as possible (only between a mother and a daughter). The placement of the matching tattoos will really depend on your preference.

For tattoos like matching dandelions and butterflies, you can put it on your arm. This will make your tattoo more visible. When you put your arm side by side with your mom’s, the design becomes complete. This is something you can show off with your other relatives and friends.

There are also mother and daughter tandems that put their tattoos on the feet. This is also a great location for the tattoo and is a little more private compared to the arms.


Mother Daughter Tattoos Preparation Tips

When planning about getting mother daughter tattoos, it’s important to choose a design carefully. While there are a lot of touching designs for mother and daughter tattoos, choose the one that will truly show how you feel for each other. If you want to let your mother know that she will always be your hero, then you should choose a design that would convey that message.

In choosing the design of your tattoo, it’s also important to ask for your mother’s opinion. Since both of you are going to get matching tattoos, consider her ideas and suggestions. You should come up with a common design so that the tattoo represents both of you.

Choosing the tattoo artist, who will do the procedure, is also extremely important. Although it’s good to look for artists with cheap rates, you should not let the price compromise the quality of your matching tattoos. Since tattoos are permanent, you might as well get the best tattoo done in order to avoid having regrets in the future.

Before getting this kind of tattoo, you should also ask your mom if she still has tolerance for this kind of procedure. If it were both your first time getting tattoos, then it would probably hurt a little bit. Make sure that your mom is okay with that, too.

Average Service Cost and Standard Price for Mother Daughter Tattoos

The artist usually charge per tattoo – one tattoo for you, and one for your mom. Since you want matching tattoos, you usually have to pay double the regular amount. However, there are tattoo shops that are specially offering discounts to mothers and daughters who want to get this kind of tattoo. Normally, these shops charge a single price for both tattoos. The price may be a bit higher than one tattoo, but it would definitely be lower than paying for two separate tattoos.

Today, you can get your matching tattoos starting from $50, depending on the complexity of your design. If you have complex tattoo design, then you might spend up to $300 for both tattoos.

There are also tattoo artists, especially experienced and popular ones, who charge an hourly rate. So the more complex your design is, the higher the cost will be because it will probably take a lot of hours to finish. That’s why it’s always good to include the price of tattoos in your considerations during the planning stage.

Maintenance Tips after Getting Mother Daughter Tattoos

After getting your very own mother daughter tattoos, your skin will naturally have wounds and scratches. If you don’t want these wounds to get in the way of a beautiful tattoo design, you have to take care of that area carefully.

Gently wash your tattoo after a couple of days, probably 2 -3 days are enough. When you say gently, it means using only your hands to rub the tattoo area and not using washcloth or scrubbing pad. It would also be best to use lukewarm water to give your skin a soothing sensation. Make sure to use antibacterial soap in cleaning your wounds. After a few days, your tattoo will be ready for the world to see.

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