110 Best Lion Tattoo Collection of 2019

In a conservative society, people with tattoos are bullied and isolated. Most often than not, these people experience prejudice from people who don’t even know a thing about them. Thugs and rebels are the common words used to describe people with tattoo, without even considering the story behind every tattoo on their bodies. This is quite saddening, but this negative approach to tattoo advocates is slowly changing.

The modern society already embraces people with tattoos wholeheartedly. Instead of associating it with rebellion, people now see tattoos as a form of body art. Both men and women are entitled to get tattoos. You don’t need to worry about harsh and snide comments, since you are now living with an open society. Today, you are encouraged to do whatever you want to do with your life, as long as you don’t bother other people.

There are so many popular tattoo designs today. You can get a lion tattoo, a tiger tattoo, friendship tattoos, and many other types of tattoos you can think of. It doesn’t matter what type of tattoo you get. What really matters is the meaning behind every tattoo you put on your body. After all, every tattoo carries a hidden message that go beyond words.

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Types of Lion Tattoo

A lion tattoo is one of the most famous unisex tattoo designs available since the ancient times. The lion has many traits that are comparable to human attitude and characteristics. This is the main reason why many people use the lion to represent themselves.

Here are some designs for your lion tattoo:

  1. Lion Head Tattoo

  • This is a type of lion tattoo that is usually big in size. The lion head tattoo is a great representation for strength and power. The lion is the “King of the Jungle”. All the other animals fear the lion because of its amazing strength and agility. When compared to humans, the strength of the lion symbolizes perseverance. People have the tendency to never give up despite facing numerous challenges. Having this tattoo on your body simply means that you have the strength to persevere and to endure all the adversities that may come your way.
  1. Rasta Lion Tattoo

  • This is a quite a unique design that is well loved by many people all over the world. This type of tattoo carries a spiritual and religious meaning to most people who wear it. Usually, this tattoo is closely associated with the crown of a king. Since the lion is on the highest seat in the animal hierarchy, it deserves to have its own crown. When you wear this tattoo design, you are telling the people that you are someone worthy of respect and love. This tattoo also promotes acceptance of different cultures and respecting other people’s beliefs.
  1. Lioness Tattoo

  • If a lion is the king of the jungle, then you can call a lioness as his queen. The lioness is a female lion that is also highly respected in the animal kingdom. She works side by side with her king. Usually, a lioness symbolizes motherhood and family. Since a lioness does nothing but take care of her young ones, it’s quite comparable to being a mother. The lioness may look like a fierce beast on the outside, but she always has a soft spot for her family. A lioness is also a symbol for protection. Most people believe that this tattoo can help spare them from any dangers and harm.


Meaning of Lion Tattoo

A lion is generally a symbol of strength. The lion has certain qualities fit for a king of all the animals. With the lion’s steady gaze and loud roar, any animal will fear him. One of the reasons why the lion is the king of the jungle is due to its ability to turn any animal into a prey. Humans also have the tendency to become as strong as a lion, especially humans with ambitions. If you have a goal to achieve, you will most likely do whatever it takes to achieve that dream. As a human, you also have the tendency to defend yourself from enemies and fight them off for your loved ones.

Another symbolic meaning of a lion tattoo is authority and dominion. The lion is in charge of the entire animal kingdom. The lion is responsible for bringing justice and peace in the animal kingdom as well. Humans, like the lions also govern the world they live in and play as stewards of all the things available in the world. As you can see, humans have uncanny similarities with the lion.

A lion tattoo may also represent wisdom. The lion is an intelligent animal. He supervises the entire animal kingdom with hawk-like eyes. For this reason, the lion is highly compared to humans. When you have this kind of tattoo, people will automatically look at you with respect. They will effortlessly think that you are a person full of wisdom and authority.

For every person, a lion tattoo may signify different things. If you don’t find your tattoo’s meaning above, then don’t worry because these are just the most common meanings and generalizations. You can make your own meaning for your own tattoo. Just make sure that those meanings are relevant to the symbols included in the design.

Ideal Placement for Lion Tattoo

Lion tattoos can be both big and small in size. The placement of your lion tattoo depends on how big you want it to be. For instance, if you want a tattoo with a size of 15 inches in length and 10 inches in width, then you really have no other choice but to put it on your back or on your chest. These two body parts are the only areas that can accommodate that kind of tattoo.

For those of you who intend to get only a small tattoo, then you can place it a little below the ears or on your shoulders. Placing this kind of tattoo below your ears will give off a sexy vibe. In addition, placing this kind of tattoo on your shoulder makes it more eye-catching and noticeable.

You can also place your lion tattoo on your thigh. This is also a sexy spot for your tattoo because not everybody gets to see it. Only the ones closest to you will have the privilege to see that beautiful tattoo design on your thigh. No one else can see the tattoo without your permission, unless you are wearing a bikini in a public place.

Lion Tattoo Preparation Tips

Getting a lion tattoo is a wise decision. However, the real struggle begins in choosing the right tattoo design that will best describe your personality. Although your tattoos won’t define you as a person, it’s important to only use designs that you can relate to. Before going to a tattoo shop, you need to have a chosen design already. This will help you save an ample amount of money.

Another thing you need to keep in mind when preparing for a tattoo procedure is that you must always wear loose clothes. You can’t wear tight clothes after the procedure for a number of reasons. First, your clothes might stick to your tattoo, rubbing off the ink, which can be disastrous for your tattoo. Second is that it would be a bit painful to have some cloth brush again your fresh skin wounds. So before going to the tattoo shop, check what you are wearing first.

Average Service Cost and Standard Prices of Lion Tattoo

Lion tattoos can be a bit expensive. Drawing a lion’s head is quite difficult than simply combining geometric shapes to form a design. For this reason, getting lion tattoos is more expensive than normal tattoos. Usually, tattoo artists charge an hourly service fee for this kind of tattoos. The hourly service fee normally costs $100 – $150 per hour, in local tattoo shops.

If you want to look for other tattoo shops, you might find a place with cheaper rates. There are also tattoo artists who only charge you a fixed amount of $100 – $250 per tattoo design. You just have to compare the prices of two or three tattoo shops in order to get the best deal available.

Maintenance Tips after Getting Lion Tattoo

Messing up a newly acquired lion tattoo would be devastating. In order to avoid having the biggest regret of your life, you need to take care of your tattoo as if your reputation depends on it. You should never go outside during the day without applying sunscreen, as much as possible. The heat of the sun is detrimental to your tattoo. If you don’t want to lose your tattoos color quickly, then you should follow this tip wholeheartedly.

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