125 Best Hummingbird Tattoo Ideas for 2019

When it comes to tattoo size, the hummingbird tattoo has no restriction, making it a candidate tattoo in almost all parts of your body. Considered as a mainstream design for women, some men nevertheless proudly wear it. Design variations including style, color, and the addition of a variety of other symbols make the bird figure a successful icon for both sexes. The beauty and meaning of the design is universal, timeless and is popular to men and women of wide age range.

Hummingbird Tattoo Types

The hummingbird tattoo design is artist-friendly with possibilities of various styles, sizes, cropping, color renditions and monochromatic options. There are over 300 species of the bird with varied bold and beautiful colors. The most popular template would have to be the bird in flight sipping nectar from a colorful and attractive flower. Swift curling lines accompany this design, mimicking the bird’s tail feathers. This peg truly represents the spirit of the bird. This jovial disposition even manifests itself even in tribal designs. Other design elements like plants, flowers, clouds, butterflies, dragonflies and others help build drama and charm to the tattoo.


The Hummingbird in Flight Tattoo

Birds are popular tattoo designs because of the noticeable shape and the rich texture and pattern of their feathers. In flight, birds exhibit power or grace. The hands of a skilled artist lucidly interpret this. At rest, birds still possess their own unique character and beauty. The humming bird is a favorite among women tattoo bearers among all other birds.

The hummingbird is a wonder in nature not just because of its size, but also its unique flying abilities, incredible activity and metabolism. The bird can fly gracefully, as if floating in air, in all directions, backward and upside down, up to 25 miles per hour speed. It can stop at a dime at any point of flight. The bird’s association with flowers is not only symbolic but biological as well. They both need one another in the course of their life cycles. Because of constant activity, hummingbirds have to eat 50 times a day to replenish the constantly burned calories.

The tiny, busy, and hard-working bird is a perfect representation of an underdog defying all odds. This character is easily relatable to humans who undergo similar difficult challenges in their own lives. More importantly, humans are inspired to rise up to the occasion and defy the hardships just like what the hummingbirds achieve. Imagine a head-turner design rich with meaning and inspiration tattooed in one’s body. The tattoo constantly remind the bearer of the greatness of love and the thought of living life to the fullest and utilizing abilities.

Tribal Hummingbird Tattoo

Native Americans view the hummingbird as a sign of love. Many women around the world adore the illustration of birds as a lively, colorful and active animal. The design works in small areas as well as large skin areas. Small designs are distinguishable by the distinct shape of the beard. Larger designs include the signature petals of the flowers as design elements.

Mirrored Hummingbirds Tattoo

The mirrored hummingbird peg is very popular with a uniqueness not yet overused and still exciting to look at. As the title suggests, two hummingbirds in flight are in opposites creating a wonderfully intriguing image. This design is suited for chests, hips, and back of shoulders.


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Meanings of a Hummingbird Tattoo

Different cultures and personalities may view the hummingbird in a different light aside from a resilient bird and a symbol of love. The bird could easily represent joy, hope, life, charm, peace freedom and many others in several cultures.

Because hummingbirds are always busy and are in many places, it is unusual to find it constantly. A sight of the bird thus becomes a rare occurrence and to some people means a lucky charm. The constant movement of the bird can also represent energy and vigor. The bird always returns to places where humans leave them with food. The appreciative hummingbird is fittingly associated with peace. Many tattoo designs include other peace symbols and the dove together with the hummingbird. Similarly, the humming bird exhibits care and attraction. Humans in a relationships tattoo their bodies with matching hummingbirds to represent their commitment to one another. Others put their partner’s name as a symbol of love and loyalty. The humming bird is always searching for food alone and this solitary flight represents freedom and independence.

The hummingbird is associated with love and the rich history of the bird fascinates both tattoo bearers and onlookers aside from the sheer beauty. The association is ancient and intriguing as the bird has lived in the Americas, from north of Alaska all the way to south in Chile, and has become part of Native American folklore, literature, mythology and legends. The legend expanded to include association with the Aztecs, known to be courageous warriors. Religious leaders and royalties of the Aztecs adorned themselves with bird feathers all over their body and small bags containing dead bodies of humming birds hung around their necks. The Aztecs superstitiously believed that the hummingbirds were reincarnations of dead warriors. The Aztecs also considered the hummingbird as a symbol of life and prosperity. Treasured talismans in the shape of the bird express the notion that the wearer will possess heightened sexual prowess, talent and energy to make a stronger and more effective warrior.

Other Native American cultures like the Haida and the Ojibwe have treasured legends that speak about the hummingbird and its origin. An interesting insight was that the tiny, buzzing bird was the creation of the Raven out of the attractive flowers that blossomed in the spring. The Raven empowered this new creation to gracefully flutter around and penetrate the leaves and trees. As a token of appreciation and gratitude, the bird made contact with each flower in all majesty and grace. The story speaks volume on the playful nature of the humming bird.

The hummingbird is also the Lovebird in Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean. It is the national bird of the island of Jamaica. Mexico and parts of Peru produced valuable pieces of art and ceremonies as homage to the humming bird. The Nazca plains in Peru boast of the gigantic outlines of awesome hummingbird, painstakingly carved into stone by the Nazca people, which were even more ancient than the Incas. The title “the land of humming birds” belongs though to Trinidad and Tobago.



The design aids the placement of the hummingbird tattoo. Hummingbird tattoo designs come in a variety of sizes. The figure can be altered – Short or long tail feathers, tucked wings or expanded, short or long beak and so on. Most body parts are ideal for tattoo placement, including front and back torso, upper chest, stomach, neck ankle, or behind the ear. The back, shoulders, lower back, sides and upper back are ideal for large and complicated designs with grand backgrounds. A hummingbird tattoo at the back of the ear is actually ominous because the bird can hear more than humans can. The back part of the shoulders is an ideal place for a beautiful and colorful bird that seems to be daintily hanging out. Adventurous tattoo artists can even allow for other design elements like flowers or clouds to exceed the perceived boundaries for the shoulders. The tiny size of the humming bird makes it ideal as a wrist tattoo. Usually a monochrome wrist tattoo is simpler and more effective. Ankle tattoos come to life with the graceful and curly flow of long tail feathers. Upper thighs can be utilized for humming birds in flight suggesting action and accenting this powerful part of the body. A hummingbird figure punctuates a tropical inspired design dominated with flowers. This easily establishes itself as the subject of the tattoo through contrast and accent. There is no ambiguity with combining birds in smaller proportion with flowers, hearts or even ballet dancers. The artist can always use clever design techniques to allow the hummingbird to be the focal point and dominate the design even if it was smaller. Smaller objects like keys, infinity sign, notes and others merely add as leading elements to the bird. Consider personal preferences and tattoo artist suggestions when choosing design and placement.


Preparation Tips for a Hummingbird Tattoo

A hummingbird tattoo is a joy to the eye and pride to the bearer and you should make sure that the tattoo session runs smoothly. Good health condition and a relatively heavy meal is a requirement for you stand the strenuous effect of needle pricking.

Your energy-depleted body needs extra drinks and snacks. Bring along aftercare products, such as ointments, gauze and so on. You do not have to rely on the tattoo shop for those personal care products. For long tattoo sessions, bring items like books and gadgets that you can use to while away the tine.

Average Service Cost & Standard Prices for the Hummingbird Tattoo

The hummingbird tattoo has a naturally small size. This makes it ideal for placement in small areas. A hummingbird design with small size and simple motif will cost about $40-50, the minimum price of a tattoo work. The price of a tattoo increases with the addition of other objects and elaborate backgrounds. This is also the case when the tattoo gets bigger and more time is required to finish the job. Coloring the tattoo entails additional cost as the procedure is also time consuming. To have a fair basis for pricing the tattoo, an hourly rate applies, usually around $200 per hour in big cities and $150 in small towns.

Maintenance Tips After Getting Your Hummingbird Tattoo

The most basic and logical rule to follow during the 2 week healing period of a fresh tattoo is to avoid touching the affected skin. Several aggravating results can happen to the tattoo like dislodging the ink, wounding the skin, or worse, infecting the already sore skin. Washing the skin at least twice daily with lukewarm water and antibacterial soap is a must and the application of prescribed ointment to prevent drying is optional.

Long-term maintenance suggests avoiding the sun whenever possible and visiting the tattoo shop for re-inking when signs of significant fading show up. Touch-up insurance is offered by many tattoo artists covering several years.

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