125 Top Heart Tattoo Designs of 2019

Hearts have been frequently incorporated in tattoo concepts since time immemorial. These tattoo designs initially gained popularity with seafarers, including seamen and sailors. Much like star tattoos, heart tattoos can be any size, color, or design that you want. Normally though, those who get heart tattoo designs prefer small or medium sized hearts to place on their bodies. These type of tattoos are versatile, since you can get them inked on just about any part of the body.heart-tattoos

Types of Heart Tattoo Designs

Sacred Heart

Perhaps one of the most symbolic tattoos is the sacred heart. The sacred heart tattoo has been in existence since the 17th century. Since it’s a symbol associated with Christianity, sacred heart tattoos are typically accompanied by thorns, a pierced sword, an angel, or flames surrounding it. People who worship the sacred heart symbol are fully dedicated to Jesus Christ, or his mother, the Virgin Mary. According to Christian symbolism, the sacred heart stands for faith.

Broken Heart Tattoo

In popular lore, the heart represents love, or being in love. So it’s no surprise that the broken heart could mean the opposite – The pain that comes with the end of a relationship. Getting a broken heart tattoo could mean that the person is suffering from lost love, or internal sufferings. Broken heart tattoos are for the people who no longer have hope of loving again. It’s not limited to a romantic relationship – People sometimes get heart tattoo designs in memory of a deceased loved one.

Tribal Heart Tattoo

Unlike the previous two, the tribal heart tattoo does not contain a deeper meaning – Although people do get these inked on their bodies, since it sports a very elegant look, and comes in plenty of designs as well. Tribal heart tattoos can be placed with swirls, spirals, and curving lines. Sometimes, tattoo artists tend to stretch their creativity a little further and draw floral patterns on the tribal tattoo. These types of tattoos are highly flexible.

Black Heart Tattoos

People usually get black heart tattoos since it represents a sad or painful event in the person’s life. The black heart tattoo frequently represents a person’s sadness after losing a loved one, a friend, or even as a sort of tribute to a well-known tragedy. Black heart tattoo designs are usually accompanied by angel wings, a cross, their loved one’s name, or flowers. For instance, plenty of people got these tattoos inked on their bodies (either temporarily or permanently) as a tribute to the millions of people who died after the September 11 attacks. Tribal-style tattoos sometimes count as a black heart tattoo.heart tattoos

Celtic Heart Tattoo

The Celtic heart tattoo was frequently spotted on Celtic warriors. Celtics acquired tattoos on their body as a type of war tactic, since these tattoos used to intimidate the enemies. Winning a battle against a fellow Celtic was considered to be a huge honor. Whenever a Celtic battle occurs, they would usually fight each other in the nude – With their body decorated with plenty of tattoos. Apart from the tattoos and their well-muscled chests, Celtics would often dye their hair in bright colors, using pastes made from flowers and plants. They would then fashion their hair in tall spikes, surrounding their heads. Ancient Celtic tattoos were made from dried leaves, taken from the Woad plant. The leaves will undergo many sessions of boiling and straining, then placed onto the skin using needles.

Meaning of Heart Tattoo Designs

The heart is the universal sign of adoration, romance, and love. But despite that, the heart tattoo carries plenty of symbolism that surpasses even the simple heart. Each heart tattoo carries a different meaning. The heart also represents the source of a person’s knowledge. Couples get heart tattoos with their significant other’s name to signify their love for each other. Simply put, the heart tattoo has dozens of meanings, and they will all depend on the type of style that the person wants, as well as the other symbols incorporated into the tattoo of their choice.

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Ideal Placement of a Heart Tattoo

Where to place your heart tattoo is very important, since this can ultimately affect how it looks. For instance, heart tattoo designs on the shoulders are highly popular for both men and women. Arms and shoulders are also the best place to put in a first tattoo, or even a second one, since this area is considered discreet. Girls who find the right place to put a heart tattoo on their shoulder could still wear a sleeveless shirt or a tank top.

Another great part of the body to place a heart tattoo is the ankle. Ankles in general are a good area to put tattoos in – Since they’re not just discreet, they look amazing as well, especially when accompanied by a pair of killer stilettos. A good advantage of picking your ankle as a tattoo spot is that you can get a big or small tattoo. This means that there aren’t any limits when it comes to ankle tattoos. However, there’s still one tattoo design that surpasses the ankle heart tattoo – The bracelet tattoo.

The neck, especially the back of the neck, is one more spot to place in a heart tattoo. Depending on the final outcome, neck tattoos carry a rebellious look to them. However, tattoos on the back of a person’s neck could look very cute, especially when the person puts up their hair or cuts it all off. Heart tattoo designs can also be discreet, since girls can cover them up with their hair. But remember not to pick a neck tattoo that is too large, since it could risk you from getting jobs. Neck tattoos also look ugly as the ink starts to fade. But if done right, the neck heart tattoo could both look cute and simple at the same time.heart tattoos

Heart Tattoo Preparation Tips

No matter if you have decided to visit your tattoo parlor to get a heart tattoo, are still deciding if you want to get a heart tattoo, or if you have already gotten one many years back, here are a couple of important tips to follow so you’ll already know what happens during a tattooing process, and how you can ready yourself for it.

Do not take any drugs or drink alcohol prior to a tattooing session, especially the day before the session itself. This is because alcohol can thin your blood a day after consumption, or even after you’re done drinking. This could pose a serious risk for both you and your tattoo artist, since you might bleed more during the process. When blood comes out, it’s much harder for the artist to find the right stencil, and the area where they’re supposed to put the ink. The tattoo ink could also mix together with the blood, resulting in a different color of tattoo than what you originally want. For example, a white tattoo could turn rose pink.heart tattoo designs

Average Service Cost & Standard Price For Getting a Heart Tattoo

An important thing you should consider before deciding to get a tattoo is the final pricing. Your tattoo’s final cost all depends on how skilled the artist is. Plenty of professional tattoo artists charge by the hour. If this happens, then you can ensure that your tattoo is in skilled hands. However, these kinds of tattoos are highly expensive, and will cost at $300 per hour. And if you get a big tattoo, then you might end up paying thousands of cash. The same goes for a tattoo with an original design – If charged hourly, you could also pay at least $300 per hour. A lot of professional tattoos carry a small charge of $100. Even a tiny heart tattoo could be very expensive.heart tattoo designs

Maintenance Tips After Getting a Heart Tattoo

Many tattoo artists will give you a list of tips you should follow after you get a tattoo, or sometimes they will tell it to you verbally. It’s important to pay attention or listen closely when the artist is discussing tattoo aftercare with you.

1. Wait until the artist has taken off their gloves before giving them the payment. Do not place your payment on the tattoo equipment, or even on the chair. Payment is usually taken care of at the receptionist area of the parlor.

2.You can only remove the protective gauze from your fresh tattoo after two hours. Once you’re done, rinse it well to remove the blood and additional color. Use only antibacterial soap and lukewarm water for cleaning.

3.Do not submerge your fresh tattoo in the pool, Jacuzzi or bathtub for up to three weeks. If shampoo gets on your fresh tattoo, rinse it quickly using lukewarm water. Another thing to avoid while dealing with a new tattoo is direct sunlight – Once your tattoo has been completely healed, put sunblock on it to prevent your skin from getting sunburnt. And this isn’t a one-time thing: You have to apply sunblock on your tattoos for the rest of your life. Avoid activities that cause sweating until the tattoo heals.

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