Finger Tattoos 101: Designs, Types, Meanings & Aftercare Tips

A finger tattoo is very sweet, sexy, not to mention a nice twist on expressing one’s own self. However, they do present many challenges for the wearer. On the outside, finger tattoos are a tiny piece of art that’s highly versatile – You can place them on top of your finger, or hidden in between two fingers to serve a bit of quirk to your personality. However, if you do just a tiny amount of research, you’ll find out that these finger tattoos do fade eventually, apart from other negative facts. So even while several popular celebrities have brought finger tattoos into mainstream consciousness, there are still many things you should consider when you’re getting just one finger tattoo, or get a full set on your hand.


Types of Finger Tattoos

Maybe you have considered getting a couple of finger tattoos to be able to show off your own sense of style. Or you want to get matching tattoos with your close friends as a sign of your friendship. Maybe you’re about to get a tattoo for the first time, and you wish to start off with something small. Maybe you’re getting one to mark a personal milestone, like a wedding or a child’s birth. Here are some finger tattoo designs that you may want to consider:

1.Wedding Ring Finger Tattoos

If you’re trying to find an interesting and unique wedding tradition, then look no further than: The honeymoon registry, trashing your wedding dress, and the ring tattoo. Since plenty of young people lately want to do something vastly different from what their parents did during their wedding, these permanent ink designs make a wonderful alternative to getting a wedding ring. The average man spends at least $5,300 on an engagement ring – And that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. Plenty of couples in the US spend a whopping $30,000 on their big day. Plenty of couples nowadays are skipping tradition and inking their ring fingers instead, leaving loads of funds for other aspects on their wedding day.


2.Feather Finger Tattoos

The feather tattoo is one of the most sought-after finger tattoo design, all thanks to its cultural heritage and deep symbolism. The feather tattoo comes in various styles and looks, and bears a very rich background with meaning. It usually depicts the character of the bird it was plucked from. These feather tattoos carry a unique kind of tattoo element which normally holds a symbol meaning, including the ability to take flight, either creatively, spiritually, or emotionally. Plenty of feather designs are highly elegant and distinct, and it effectively reflects the characters of various species of birds they were taken from. Getting a feather tattoo of a specific bird lets you identify with the bird’s personality.

  1. Zodiac Sign Finger Tattoos

Zodiac tattoos, also known as astrological tattoos or horoscope tattoos, are the perfect choice of finger tattoo design for you, especially if you have a personal relationship with your astrological sign, or if you’re simply interested in it. You can use your zodiac sign as the basis for a finger tattoo design. They might appear simple, but they’re filled with loads of symbolism. You can also get a tattoo of the animal or flower that’s connected to the constellation. And to add even more symbolism, you can place the tattoo on the body part that’s connected to the constellation.

  1. Diamond Finger Tattoos

Diamond tattoos are highly popular, and are known to be one of the more mainstream tattoo designs, worn by both men and women on their fingers. You’ll find a diamond tattoo by itself, or paired up with other tattoo symbols. Diamond tattoos are perhaps one of the most sought out designs in the world. A diamond might be a stand-alone tattoo, or featured into lots of symbols and elements. The shape looks excellent for both small scale and large tattoos.

  1. One-Word Tattoos

One-word tattoos are perhaps the best kind of tattoo designs you can get. They tend to capture lots of heart and soul into just one word. These tattoos are often simple and elegant. They also give their owners the ability to share a bold statement to the world. There’s actually plenty of thought that goes into a tattoo with a single word. It has to be something that you have connected with, or something that has a very significant meaning in your life, but isn’t too boring. Getting enough courage to permanently ink this one single word to your body for the rest of your life takes some serious guts.

Meaning of Finger Tattoos

When it comes to body ink, finger tattoos have grown in popularity, and it’s not hard to see why. Everything from cute designs, to quirky pictures and meaningful messages look so much better on a person’s fingers. And if you like taking a look at artworks, you can easily see tattoos on your hands, as compared to your back or neck. Celebrities are taking a liking to finger tattoos as well. It is often said that the cutest type of ink is a small piece of ink.

Ideal Placement of Finger Tattoos

Finger tattoos always hurt. That’s because your digits are filled with plenty lots of nerves, plus your skin is placed right on top of the bone and the knuckle. So there’s no amounts of fat, or even a hint of muscle that can soften the feeling of the needle entering the finger. In fact, finger tattoos probably hurt more as compared to other locations. If you want to get a tattoo this instant, then look for a different body part. But one of the coolest things about finger tattoos is that people usually get them as a sign of commitment, love, or even send out an important message to the world around them. To be able to ready yourself for the pain of getting a finger tattoo is a symbolic moment, and that the pain is actually a segment of the whole experience.

The skin found on a person’s fingers responds differently to tattoo ink, as compared to the other body parts. This is because the hands are the most active parts of a person’s body – How often we use them to touch, wash, as well as sensation of our skin. The skin on our hands is thick, yet it lacks the amount of fat, and contains plenty of movement. So fingers are the perfect place for tattoos to eventually fade.

Finger Tattoos Preparation Tips

With the popularity of celebrities and other pop culture icons sporting finger tattoos, there has been an overwhelming popularity for finger tattoos among the common folk as well. Small tattoos on the side of the finger, or near the knuckle, is a huge trend lately. There are these clients showing off pictures they found on Pinterest or wanting to copy the tattoo of their favorite celebrity. Although finger tattoos look nice, they don’t usually stay that way, especially several years later. If you’re lucky enough, your tattoo will hold up okay. But sometimes they’ll eventually start to fade or become blurred, thanks to the nature of ink under your skin.

Always keep your hands clean and dry when you get a finger tattoo. If you exfoliate too often, the ink will eventually leave the area, and give you a blotchy and faded tattoo. You can’t hide your hand tattoos, and this can actually affect getting a job in the future. A hand tattoo, especially the ones inside the finger, is going to hurt much worse than plenty of other areas. Too much moisture can push the ink right out during the healing process.

Average Service Cost & Standard Prices for Getting Finger Tattoos

One of the most common tattoo questions is the cost of a tattoo. The average tattoo shop has a minimum amount which they charge for their clients. So no matter if that little flower is located on your finger or your back, it’ll cost the same. The shop minimum varies with every location. In Chicago, quality art costs less than $60. Meanwhile, certain tattoo parlors in the UK come with a minimum that is the American equivalent of over $50 to $90.

When it comes to the price, it all depends on where you want to get the tattoo done. It could cost more, or less. There might also be an hourly rate or the artist might individually price every tattoo that they do. For cash, always remember that you get what you pay for. A good tattoo isn’t cheap, and a cheap tattoo isn’t good. Be completely sure of the design that you’re getting. If it’s your first tattoo, you may want to get inked somewhere you will constantly see it for a couple of months.

Maintenance Tips After Getting Finger Tattoos

Finger tattoos are more high maintenance as compared to regular tattoos, so you might want to touch them up more often than regular tattoos – Sometimes more than once over a course of a year. This is especially true for tattoos that run along the sides, and right at the bottom of the finger, near the knuckle. Make sure to visit an artist that has had plenty of experience with finger tattoos. The tissue on your hands, feet, and face is so thin that it takes loads of practice and skill to float the pigment right in the layer of your skin.

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