Top 125 Eye Tattoos for the Year

Even before eye tattoos have been a popular and meaningful symbol utilized by various tribes for different purposes. This is probably why until today, many people are still drawn to this tattoo design. People want to have an eye tattoo for various reasons. Aside from being mystical, the eye symbol is probably one of the few tattoos that can convey strong and powerful emotions which allow many people to easily connect to the tattoo. To date, you can find countless eye designs and concepts that you can utilize for your tattoo. To give you some idea, here are some of the top eye tattoos that you can use as your inspiration;


Types of Eye Tattoos

Realistic Eye Tattoos

Realistic eye tattoos are quite mesmerizing. It is a combination of different colors, depth, shades and lines, something that only a well established tattooist can give justice to. This tattoo is often associated with how the bearer’s view of the world. The realistic eye tattoo design is ideal for people who are looking for a symbolic representation of their philosophy and values.

The Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus is also popularly known as the Eye of Ra and is a big part of the rich ancient Egyptian culture. This symbol is made of lines and black inks combined together to create a realistic outline of the eye. If you are looking for an eye design that reflects the power of an ancient god and has the ability to summon protection and healing from the divinity, then this tattoo should be highly suitable for you.

The Third Eye Tattoo

The third eye represents one’s ability to see things beyond their physical value. This design is often associated with oriental disciplines and religious practices like Buddhism and Hinduism. It symbolizes wisdom, inner peace and clairvoyance, which can be achieved by becoming enlightened through the teachings from these religious beliefs and practices. This eye tattoo is an ideal design for practitioners of these disciplines or if you are looking for a symbol that can help you summon energies for inner peace.

The Evil Eye Talisman Tattoo

The evil eye talisman tattoo has been utilized in countless religions such as Christian, Jewish and Muslim. However, contrary to the prevalent belief, this symbol is not religious at all. It is just commonly utilized by religious groups for various reasons. The evil eye talisman is represented by an eye on the palm symbol, which is often utilized to represent perseverance, safety, faith and loyalty. It is also known to ward off negative energy and emanate protection. If you are into mysticism and is fascinated by symbolic representation made of interesting patterns, then this design will make an interesting option or you.

The Eye of Providence Tattoo

The Eye of Providence is also called by many as the eye of god and is a popular symbol among Christians. This symbol is represented by a floating eye inside a triangle. There are tons of theories and conspiracies surrounding this symbol, but the most popular representation associated to this symbol is the guidance from the powerful god. If you are looking for a tattoo that can best symbolize your reverence to an all knowing god, then this symbol can definitely do that for you.

Ideal Placement for Eye Tattoos

The ideal placement of an eye tattoo can be determined by the size, purpose and complexity of the design you want to use.

  • Small eye tattoo designs that require simple brush strokes can be placed on your nape or at your upper neck area just below the ear. Since eye tattoos are supposed to provide you with additional field of view, it only makes sense to place this type of tattoo where it can oversee your blind spot.
  • Large eye tattoo designs can be placed on the arms or legs. These locations are ideal for eye tattoos that offer protective energies, since they can help guard your way when traveling or shield you from danger that is coming to your direction. The arms and legs can also provide the tattooist enough space to properly execute large tattoo designs without compromising intricate patterns and details that are included in your design.
  • Aside from these ideal eye tattoo placement, you might also want to consider your endurance to pain. Some areas of the body are more sensitive to pain, so if you have a low tolerance for pain you should plan the ideal placement of your tattoo by consulting your tattooist. Your tattooist can give you useful suggestions on less painful tattoo locations.


Eye Tattoo Preparation Tips

Like any work of art, you need to prepare for an eye tattoo session to ensure that everything will turn out the way you want them to. Although the biggest part of the outcome of your tattoo relies on the ability of the tattoo artist, it doesn’t mean that you are powerless in terms of influencing the outcome. With proper preparation, you can help significantly increase your chance of having pleasant tattoo session experience.

  • Condition your skin for a few weeks before your scheduled tattoo session. Take vitamins, plenty of water, enough sleep and apply moisturizer. These are some of the things that you can do to prepare your skin before the date of the tattoo session.
  • Refrain from using skin products that can cause peeling or significant change on your skin tone. Your skin should look fresh and natural when you go to your artist.
  • Prior to your appointment, inform your tattooist if you have any preexisting medical condition that can affect the tattoo procedure.
  • Have enough sleep and take your meals before your appointment. The bigger and the more intricate your design is the longer time it will take to complete your tattoo, so make sure to come prepared. You don’t want to doze off or starve during your appointment.
  • Prepare your budget. Make sure that you have the budget for your target eye tattoo design. Remember to set aside an additional allowance for the tip and any other additional charges that you might incur during the session.

Average Service Cost and Standard Price of Eye Tattoos

There are various ways a tattoo studio computes the cost of your tattoo. Each of this method can be influenced by several factors such as the size, complexity, placement and color of the eye tattoo design you wish to use.

  • The first method is per inch. A popular tattoo studio charges a minimum of $60 on the first inch of your tattoo and an additional $20 per succeeding inches. If you are planning to get a large piece of eye design this method can prove to be more expensive.
  • The next method is per hour. The rate per hour of a tattooist can cost between $75 to $150 per hour. This charging method can be beneficial if you’re planning to get a small piece of eye tattoo. An expert tattooist can complete a small non-complex eye tattoo like the Eye of Horus in less than an hour, meaning at maximum you’ll be charged $150 for this type of tattoo.
  • If you’re lucky, you might just find a credible tattoo shop that offers big discount promos. This type of promos allows you to avail large tattoo pieces at a discounted price. The only requirement is that you should meet their required minimum number of tattoo session hours. A large piece of eye tattoo that usually takes about 6 hours to complete can be offered to you at a fixed rate of $500.
  • Aside from these direct costs, you must also take into consideration additional incidental costs like tips and special service. The special service is for people who want a tattoo placed in a peculiar location of their body, which may prove to be challenging for the artist. These added charges are usually around 10 to 25% of the tattooists basic charge.

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Maintenance Tips for Eye Tattoos

Maintaining your eye tattoo in their best condition is based your ability to keep the shading and color of your tattoo sharp and vivid. Your tattoo is bound to lose its color and details through time. The challenge is how to delay this process. To give you some idea, here is some eye tattoo maintenance tips;

  • After you get your tattoo, make sure to take note of all the aftercare instructions that will be provided by your tattooist. The healing process of your tattoo requires critical care. Failure to follow your artist’s instruction can cause irreversible damage to your design.
  • Refrain from exposing your eye tattoo to any skin hazard substance or materials. Substances that can cause burns or sharp objects that can scratch or prick your tattoo, are some of the most commonly overlooked factors of people with a new tattoo.
  • Keep your skin moisturized and protected from harmful weather conditions. Direct sunlight or cold can cause your skin to dull and dry faster. This can cause your eye tattoo’s color to fade faster.
  • Keep track of what you eat. Aside from eating nutritious food to keep your skin healthy, you must also be mindful of food that can trigger your allergies. Having an allergic skin reaction may require you to apply topical creams and medication that can damage your eye tattoo. The only way to prevent this is to reduce your chance of having allergic episodes.

All the information provided here can help answer some of the most common concerns of a first time eye tattoo client.

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