110 Best Compass Tattoo Designs

Tattoos have been around since the earliest of times. Our ancestors already used tattoos to represent their culture, group and beliefs. Tattoos are also highly associated with sailors and servicemen. Official groups and organizations usually use logos and symbols for proper recognition. Normally, they create emblems worn by members anywhere they go. In addition to emblems, tattoos are also a common way of marking you as a member of that particular organization. For instance, sailors usually have anchor tattoos or compass tattoos. These two things are very significant to their work; hence, it has become a symbol of sailors.

Although sailors and travelers often use compass tattoos, there’s really no rule saying that they are the only ones who can have that kind of tattoo. You don’t need to become a sailor just because you want to get this kind of tattoo. Everybody has the right to get this tattoo design as much as he wants. In fact, tattoos with compass designs are among the hottest tattoos for younger generation today. It’s a trend that is still highly appreciated by millions of people. There’s no sign that those this trend will be ending in the near future.


Compass Tattoo Designs

Types of Compass Tattoos

There are several variations of compass tattoos. Each tattoo differs only in the appearance, but the meaning of all these tattoos is almost the same. You can choose between simple compass designs and elaborate ones. You can also choose between multi-colored tattoos, white ink tattoos or the normal black ink tattoos. The only thing that matters is that you can be confident with the design that you will be choosing.

Here are some of the most popular compass tattoos that are breathtakingly beautiful:

  • Simple Compass Tattoos

This kind of tattoo is perfect for people who don’t want too much drama and details on their tattoo. This tattoo design only includes two lines (or double-headed arrows sometimes) forming a cross. On top of each arrowhead are the initials N, S, E, W. These initials stand for North, South, East, and West. These directions will guide you wherever you go.

  • Gyro Compass Tattoos

A gyrocompass is another type of compass mainly in ships and aircrafts. This kind of compass looks different from the usual compass seen in schools or maps. It’s a circular device that shows which direction is really the North. This non-magnetic compass relies mainly on the continuously spun gyroscope. This gyroscope has an axis that is parallel to the Earth’s axis, thus, enabling it to get the closest accurate directions. This could also be a wonderful tattoo design since it includes little intricate details.

  • Rose Compass Tattoo

This is another popular type of compass known to millions of people in the whole planet. The rose compass is the most commonly used representations often shown in books and maps. Its design is somewhat similar to that of the first type of compass mentioned, with a little modification. Instead of showing plain arrows, this design displays 4 to 32 points (the points look like the sides of a star). This is the Rose Compass or Compass Rose to others, simply because it looks like the petals of a rose when viewed from a distance.

compass tattoos

Meaning of Compass Tattoos

A compass is a magnetic device that shows you the correct directions. This is used by sailors, navigators, explorers and travelers to guide them in their journey. It plays a very significant role in voyages. Without it, voyagers will not be able to reach their destination safely. This device is truly useful, not only for survival purposes, but also in your day-to-day activities. You can show your appreciation to the existence of compass by getting compass tattoos today.

Getting compass tattoos could mean different things to different people. Tattoos are quite personal. The meaning of a certain tattoo will depend on how the wearer sees it. In addition, the tattoos meaning will depend on the overall design of the tattoo – whether some modifications were applied to give a new meaning to the design. For example, a multi-colored compass and rose tattoo that looks exactly like the ones you see on maps could imply that the wearer has travelled several parts of the world.

When you have compass tattoos, people will most likely think that you are the outgoing type of person. Since a compass guides travelers and explorers, people will naturally think about you in that manner. Having this type of tattoo doesn’t necessarily mean you need to become an actual traveler. Getting this kind of tattoo only means that you love the life of travel or you love exploring places, even if you haven’t been to any other place than your hometown yet.

Having compass tattoos suggests that you want to seek new places and have new adventures. It’s always exciting to step out of your comfort zone and try going out to the real world. By exploring other places, you get to meet new people and experience other cultures. These experiences will help you become a better version of yourself. It will help you grow and develop in the most efficient way.

Some people get compass tattoos, in honor of a family member who is a part of the Navy. It could also be because you want to commemorate the death of a loved one who once served the Navy, Marines, or Air Force. Some people also get this kind of tattoos to get guidance in making important life decisions. Also, this kind of tattoo perfectly fits a person who loves to wonder and is spontaneous.

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Ideal Placement for Compass Tattoos

Compass tattoos can fit in almost any part of the body where you want it to be. However, it’s good to put the right kind of compass tattoo on the right body part, in order to give emphasis to your tattoo. Tattoos are like statements, you need to own them. You may place it anywhere you see fit, without worrying whether other people can see your tattoo. Wouldn’t it be a waste to get a wonderful tattoo that you cannot comfortably wear or own?

For small nautical compass tattoos, you can put it on your wrists. The wrist is one of the most exposed body part, so with just a slight movement, your tattoo will show effortlessly. It’s also a bit sexy for women to put the tattoo there, especially if the wrists are slender. Another great spot that will look sexy with a tattoo is the back of your neck.

For medium-sized compass tattoos, you can put it on your shoulders or legs. Since these are bigger tattoo designs, you will need a bigger space for it. Your tattoos will also be highly noticeable in those areas, especially if you are fond of wearing shorts and sleeveless tops.

Large-sized tattoos will look good on your chest or on your back. You have the ultimate choice whether to use your whole back or simply use a portion of it for your tattoo. Having it on the upper left/right back will be perfect for youngsters.

Compass Tattoos Preparation Tips

It’s true that you can just get any tattoo that you like, without any particular meaning at all. However, this would be a bit shallow and there’s a tendency that you won’t love the tattoo for a long time. It’s important to choose a tattoo that represents you, your culture and your beliefs.

In getting compass tattoos, you have to be mentally and physically prepared. Tattoo procedures can be a bit painful for first timers. However, once you get used to the piercing needles you will really love the sensation. Make sure that you are capable of finishing the whole session because there’s no turning back once you start. Remember that tattoos are permanent markings made on your body.

Before going to the tattoo shop, make sure you have already eaten because the session could last for hours, depending on the complexity of your design. It’s better to feel pain with a full stomach than undergo a painful feeling while being hungry.

Average Service Cost and Standard Prices of Compass Tattoos

Compass tattoo procedures are not that difficult to perform. Usually, the procedure can only last 3 hours at max. But then again, it all depends on the design you have chosen. If you have overly complex design, then expect to finish the session for more than 5 hours. Also, the more complex your tattoo is, the higher its price will be.

A normal-sized compass tattoo will only cost you about $50 – $100 per tattoo. Many great local tattoo artists can do your tattoo, so there’s no need to hire the services of popular tattoo artists.

Maintenance Tips after Getting Compass Tattoos

For immediate aftercare, you need to keep your compass tattoos clean. You can do this by taking off the bandage 3 – 4 hours after the procedure. You need to let lukewarm water run down the area where your tattoo is. This will help sooth your skin and relieve swelling. Make sure you use anti-bacterial soap to clean the tattoo and never rub it on your skin too harshly.

For long-term aftercare, you need to work hard on keeping your tattoos’ color the same as it was on the day of the procedure. Although it’s natural for tattoos to fade after some time, you can do things that will slower the process. One way is by applying sunscreen on the tattoo after it has completely healed. This can help protect your skin and preserve the color of your tattoo.

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