125 Best Cherry Blossom Tattoos of 2019

The cherry tree is a beautiful tree with pink or white blossoms. China and Japan have many of these trees because they have aesthetic value and practical uses in these countries. Its flowers and leaves are edible. Some specialty dishes in Japan contain this ingredient. They can also be salted and pickled and are available in supermarkets throughout Japan as snack foods. A tea with a pleasant mildly sour taste uses the pickled cherry blossom. The arrangement of some general flower decorations uses blossom flowers. Many wedding ceremonies use blossom flowers. Good luck blesses the wedding couple through these flowers.

The fascination with the tree does not stop with the beauty and usefulness. The life cycle of the Sakura tree, cherry tree in Japan, is equally intriguing. The cherry tree is bare during winter, but during spring – The blossoms appear in zenith abundance, only to furl and disappear in a matter of one week. The Orientals, superstitious and profound as they are, seek deeper meaning in the life cycle of a cherry blossom.

The cherry blossom tattoo design originated from Chinese culture and is one of the tattoo icons that have successfully crossed the East towards the West of the tattoo world. With elegant design and rich meaning, this tattoo template is very popular all over the world to both men and women in all ages. Aside from the Chinese, the popularity of cherry blossom tattoo designs also started with the Japanese. In Japan however, the blossom that blooms from the Sakura trees of that country, can also symbolize the Japanese warrior called Samurai. These warriors adhere to highly noble and moral code called the Bushido or ‘warrior’s way’. The trait is associated with the seemingly feminine flower, but in reality – Even men could be refined with chivalry, respect, honor and integrity. The blossom and the Samurai represent the balance between power and good morals. The cherry tree possesses the hardness and strength of a true Samurai warrior but the blossoms are delicate and sweet like good values and humane values of a warrior.


Types of Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Tattoo symbols generally suit a particular gender and personality type. In addition, while many women prefer the cherry blossom tattoo, a tweak in the design of the blossom will easily transform it into a masculine appearance suited for male personality as well. Illustrations of blossom tattoos usually depict a lonesome flower. Designs of a group of blossom flowers bunched together in a branch are also common. In combination with other objects, the flower produces exquisitely elaborate designs with powerful and deep emotions. The flower designs work so well in vivid colors, but there is no reason that a clever tattoo artist can make it work in monochrome or pale color


Cherry Blossom Tattoo Design

Cherry Blossoms with Intertwining Branches

Intertwining the cherry blossom branches with hearts, stars, and butterflies project a feminine air. This is the favorite design template of most women tattoo bearer and looks gorgeous in larger parts of their bodies. Because of the elaborate nature of the design, tattoos with branches are more costly than solitary flower designs. Women also tend to have strong attraction to the universal and personal meanings of hearts, stars and butterflies.

Skull and Fire

Men on the other hand prefer masculine symbols like fire, skull or Geisha to appear in their tattooed bodies. Artistically placed in the cherry blossom tree, these images give angst that jolts and amazes onlookers. Some skull designs include the skull figure covered with the flower all over.

Koi Fish and Words

Koi fish, quotes and verses have neutral gender effect but quotes and verses have the most meaningful impact that expresses the very core of the tattoo bearer. These words remind the holder each time he or she faces the mirror or reads it directly. The text written in Oriental calligraphy gives additional exotic appeal to the Western admirers of the design.


Meaning of Cherry Blossom Tattoo

The Cherry blossom has several meanings depending on the culture. Individual personalities also equate the flower to different meanings. In China, the cherry tree symbolizes female dominance and power with emphasis in areas of sexuality and love. Women tattoo bearers are likely to have chosen the cherry blossom tattoo to express their independence, strength, and resilience to struggles and hardships of life. The flower is also a sign of luck to the Chinese.

In Japan, the view to the Sakura has contradicting meanings. While it reminds them that life is short, it is for this reason that they are motivated to live life to the fullest. Embedded in Japanese culture is its meaning and symbolism, even during the olden Samurai days. At the time, the wisdom of the warriors was highly admired. Mentioned in old literature is the life cycle of the Sakura in comparison to that of the Samurais, including stories of the flowers falling down on the snow. The meaning of the Sakura blossom is truly profound and makes people ponder in thought.

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Placements of the Cherry Blossom Tattoo

The arm is a good place to put a cherry blossom tattoo. Branches of evenly spaced blossoms that extend naturally show the tattoo’s true beauty. The arm does that and displays the attractiveness of the flowers placed in the branches. For men, ideal placements of large and detailed designs are on the back or the upper chests areas. The arms can handle a moderately sized tattoo with the flower appearing to embrace the arm. Thighs, especially among women, are an excellent spot for a vividly colored tattoo that contrasts beautifully with the skin. Colorful blossom tattoos looks cute in a woman’s tiny feet and has the advantage of having an option to show or hide it. Tattoos on shoulders are acceptable to both men and women. Wrists can host blossom tattoos that are not so big or small. The bearer can conveniently view the beloved tattoo any time.


Preparation Tips for a Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Getting ready to get your cherry blossom tattoo requires not only physical preparation but mental as well. The decision to alter the appearance of your body should be firm and unwavering. After the procedure, it becomes impossible to return your body’s original appearance. Your mind and body should also be prepared for a painful excruciating needle experience. The anticipation of having a beautiful and elegant tattoo afterwards is a strong motivation to sustain your desire to have a tattoo.

Be sure to be free of colds and fever, any hangovers even just slight, before visiting your tattoo artist. Eat a full meal to have extra energy in dealing with the rigors of the procedure. Bring with you something to do or read to overcome boredom in an expected long tattoo session is highly advisable. Snacks and drinks are excellent items to take with you. Aftercare products like ointments and gauze are the responsibility of the customer and should not be relied on to the tattooist. Some tattoo shops though, provide aftercare products for the customers.


Average Service Cost & Standard Prices for Getting Cherry Blossom Tattoos

Be prepared to pay from $40-$50 for a simple and small cherry blossom tattoo. This is the minimum charge for the prevailing rates of tattoo artists in the US. Larger, more complicated and more colorful designs have no fixed cost. The basis of the prevailing computation of cost is on an hourly arrangement. The standard cost in big cities is $200 per hour while that of small town is $150. It is advisable to deal with reputable tattoo artists with standard rate ranges rather than seek for untried but low cost tattooist. Not only is the quality suspect but hygienic consideration as well.

Maintenance Tips After Getting Cherry Blossom Tattoos

The healing period of cherry blossom tattoos usually last for 2 weeks and special care and attention is required during the periods. Sore and redness in affected areas of the skin should be washed gently daily with appropriate frequency usually 2 times per day using lukewarm water and mild antibacterial soap. Scrubbing should be totally avoided to retain the scabs that protect the skin from foreign matters that can cause infection. Skin contact should be disallowed including touching the skin for the same sanitary and health reason. Washed skin should be dried immediately using light pats of a clean towel.

Ointments like Aquaphor are very helpful in the healing process and can save scratched, cracked or dried skin. Tattoo artists usually recommend these ointments, but the doctor is the resource person to visit when you notice any sign of infection.

As the healing progresses, you will see that your cherry blossom tattoo starts to demonstrate its true beauty and elegance.

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