125 Kick-Ass Skull Tattoos For Men & Women

You might be surprised at the deeper meaning behind skull tattoos. Plenty have assumed on first glance that this scary symbol only stands for one thing: Death. However, skulls can signify everything, from celebration of life to serving a way to ward off evil spirits.

For example, ancient Celtics have believed that skulls were the seat of the soul. They were also the motivation of the mind – Continuously creating and cycling the power of life.

The renaissance time period has revealed that skulls served as a tribute to Earth’s delicate nature. All people die, since the nature of life is only temporary. It’s a continuous reminder of how chasing greed can come to an end.

When it comes to alchemy, skulls became an icon of higher intelligence, consciousness, forethought, and judiciousness. This is what separates mankind’s wisdom from the average beast. Skulls are also a common theme in sea voyages, most notably, with pirates – Pretty much every pirate movie incorporates them. Pirates see skulls as a meaning of power, strength, protection, as well as rebellion and triumph. Some even collect them to say ‘don’t even try us’. Sugar skull tattoos during the Mexican Day of the Dead (Dia de Muertos) have also taken a lively symbol to celebrate the lives of deceased loved ones.


Skull Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Types of Skull Tattoos

Sugar Skull Tattoos

Also known as Mexican skull or candy skull tattoos. As mentioned earlier, the Day of the Dead is a celebration held in Spanish-speaking countries, especially in Mexico. During this festival, skulls are a central character of the festivities. Families come to cemeteries to remember the dearly departed. Another way that people celebrate is by crafting skulls made of sugar, and preparing candy to be eaten by celebrants, especially children. In honor of this Mexican holiday, plenty of women choose sugar skull tattoo designs, which they can decorate with brilliant designs to look unique and amazing.

Skull Tattoos for Women/Men

Skull tattoo designs are an excellent choice for those who want to show that they don’t fear death, or gratefully accept life’s final journey. And skull tattoos aren’t just for men – Girls can also place skull tattoos on their body for the same reasons. In fact, some girls have given their skull tattoos a feminine touch by designing it with heart-shaped eye sockets, or giving it heavy makeup.

Skull Sleeve Tattoo

Skull tattoo designs could easily be incorporated into a tattoo design for your sleeves. The most talented tattoo artists can create a good look to cover up a person’s entire leg or arm. Whether it covers the entire arm or traces the sides of the body and the chest, a skull-themed sleeve tattoo design provides uniqueness in all aspects. A mischievous-looking skull can hold an eyeball in its left hallow spot. You can also join other things into your skull sleeve tattoo, to create an epic theme. A skull sleeve tattoo can take very long to complete. This is a permanent change to your appearance, and can only be removed by surgical means, or through laser treatment.

Skull and Crossbones Tattoo

Do you imagine yourself to be a pirate, or bring out your inner pirate? A skull and crossbones tattoo might seem a tad bit creepy at first, but cool at the same time. The best thing when it comes to placing a skull tattoo is that it brings out your creativity by accompanying it with other symbols and abstract designs, as well as experiment with various colors to give it your own personal touch. Your tattoo defines your personality, so its design and placement is completely up to you, and best defines who you are.


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Meaning of Skull Tattoo

Skull tattoos carry lots of meanings, which will all depend on how the skull is used. For example, a lot of people have associated the human skull tattoo with death, but this can actually make for a striking tattoo. Certain people who have picked these tattoos will continue to do so, to show that they don’t fear death at all. A skull tattoo design also symbolizes that the person has accepted their own mortality. One more symbolism of this tattoo is that it’s a constant reminder that everyone has to go eventually, and that they should live each day to the fullest.

Ideal Placement of a Skull Tattoo

When picking a tattoo’s location, you should also consider other factors apart from the kind of tattoo you want to get. For instance: Think about the places on your body where your career allows you to have a tattoo, and the attributes that can be improved with it.

A skull tattoo can be placed on different parts of a person’s body. But men usually prefer placing them on their sleeves, which is the upper part of the arm. Other place include the thigh, the back, and the chest. A few people place skull tattoos on the side or back of their neck.

Because of the nature of this particular tattoo design, you can place it on whichever body part you like, and it will still look amazing. You can also place the same tattoo between your shoulder blades, across the back, or in the middle of your back.

Anyone can look good with a shoulder tattoo, so it’s also good if you place your skull tattoo design there. The best thing with shoulders is that you can control how much skin gets exposed.

Preparation Tips for Skull Tattoos

It’s pretty much given that getting a tattoo is a painful process. And as much as we want to, there’s just no easy way to get rid of all the pain. Even though a lot of people believe that pain is really important when it comes to getting a tattoo, controlling the pain can make this experience more positive, instead of feeling anxious because of the pain. Here are a couple of tips to help remove the pain of skull tattooing.

While drinking alcohol, or taking any form of drugs might seem like a good way to relieve the pain, this actually makes the tattoo even more painful. First, alcohol is known to be a blood thinner. This means you could bleed profusely during the process, and that your skin won’t take the ink in as easily. So this, together with a person’s drunken state, might take the tattooing process longer. It could also stress out the skin and might even cause the final tattoo to not look as clean or as visible as it should come out. Over-the-counter medication and coffee can also result in blood thinning, so do not take medicines such Advil, Tylenol, or even drink energy drinks, tea, and coffee a few days before the session begins.

A great way to control tattoo pain is to avoid getting tattooed in places where the skin is a lot more sensitive. Tattoo fans and tattoo artists have said that the most painful places to get tattoos are the areas where there’s not much fat or muscle between the skin and the underlying bone. This includes the hands, the feet, the ankles, the ribs, sternum, lower back, and groin area.


Average Service Cost & Standard Prices for Getting Skull Tattoos

Questions that surround tattoo prices are very tough to answer, and the ones that cannot be answered accurately by any means. Tattoo artists know exactly what you want as your tattoo – And even then it might be impossible to give you the right answer until the tattoo is completely finished.

So one of the largest factors when it comes to working out how much your next tattoo costs are the skill levels of the tattoo artist. If you step inside a good tattoo parlor and ask a professional artist what their rating might be, then don’t feel too surprised if they turn around and say $150 per hour.

A lot of tattooists like charging their work depending on the number of hours it took to finish the tattoo. Normally the smallest charge is for an hour’s worth of work. So if you step inside the parlor expecting a tattoo that only takes ten minutes to finish, it’s most likely that you’ll still pay for the number of hours it took to finish.

Maintenance Tips After Getting Tattoos

Long-term aftercare is just as important as short-term aftercare. The more you care for your fresh tattoo, the longer your tattoo will look as good as new. Here are a couple of tips to make sure your tattoo stays as good as new:

  • Pay attention to whatever your tattoo artist tells you, and do exactly what they instruct. If they’re a professional artist with plenty of experience, they will certainly know which product and healing technique works the best for their own creation, in general, as well as for their clients in particular. It’s your responsibility to take care of the tattoo after leaving the studio.
  • Your tattoos are sure to lighten up after they’re done healing. This is normal, since layers of skin are growing back over the ink, and are accepting it within your skin. To be able to keep a solid coloring, make sure to place lots of sunscreen when you go outside, especially during the summer.
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